What are the Reasons That You Need Business Coaching Services

There are just some mistakes you should never make. Mistakes you can’t take back. Mistakes that damage your reputation and business. If you’d known, you could have avoided them, but you didn’t know. Luckily, we do.

At Service Ninja, we’ve spent decades learning the home services business inside and out, through trial and error. If you’re reading this, you’re in a lucky position. Instead of making best guesses and hoping it all works out, you can lean into our expertise and avoid dangerous pitfalls that cost you time and money.

Despite what some people would like to believe, everyone needs a mentor, especially entrepreneurs. Our business coaching services will provide you with valuable insight about how you should structure and run your service business. With our help, you’ll be on your way to an enterprise of your own.

How Business Coaching Services Will Improve Your Company

The most successful entrepreneurs do both of these things: 

1. Tenaciously pursue their dreams.
2. Enlist wise counsel Growth-minded, ambitious individuals are going to outsource their weaknesses and hire a guide. The home services industry is ever-evolving, hyper-local, niched… and demanding. As you grow a home services business, you’re going to spend a lot of time working in it, which leaves little time for working on it.

Service Ninja will improve your company by evaluating the following areas: 

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Premium Business Coaching Services

Service Ninja is proud to offer one-on-one business coaching services, full-shop transformational services and online business classes for your whole staff.

Grow Your Business: Be a Service Ninja

Buy the book that started the movement: Be a Service Ninja, by Robert Earl Matheny III. 

This manual achieves something few business books dare to try: bypass conventional business theoretics and head straight to the real issues plaguing entrepreneurs.  Issues like how to cut spending to a minimum while working toward maximum gains, or how to responsibly invest in worthwhile endeavors. 

It is a welcome companion for anyone with a big dream, Be a Service Ninja is available for purchase in paperback and signed hardbacks. 

Our Service is Unmatchable

Robert Matheny, Founder and Green Belt Business Ninja

Robert Matheny didn’t inherit a multi-million dollar business; he built it from the ground up.  As a young HVAC technician, Matheny decided to start a business. He and his partner got a truck and started working as sub-contractors for large companies.  In 2013, they started a company and worked from a small basement office. 

Today, Robert Matheny runs a multi-million dollar home services company, and he’s ready to share his secrets with you through Service Ninja’s business coaching services.