What people take Personal

What people take Personal There are three things that people take extremely personal and serious • Their bodies – This is why Doctors are forced

All the Pieces, of the Puzzle

All the Pieces, of the puzzle It occurred to me that when you buy a Puzzle from a store it comes with all of the

Obsession and Passion Collide

The Perfect Bid Have you ever wondered what happens when Obsession and Passion collide? Obsession: An Idea or thought that constantly invades your every thought

Make Your Business Rhyme Like a Poem

Poetry and business seem to be two different concepts, but what if they are the same? What if there are universal truths about what makes

The Red Ninja Strikes Again!!!

If you have read the book ‘Be A Service Ninja’ you have undoubtedly came across a chapter called ‘Be The Red Ninja’.  The Red Ninja

Sometimes it is Hard to be Remarkable

Business is hard….. Life is hard….. Raising kids and maintaining a strong family life is hard……. The lessons we learn are often learned at a

Beware of Pothead Mentality!!!

What to do if you get too high Throughout my life and even today in my mid 40’s people ask me “Rob, how are you

Connect a Customer with a NEED!

The other day I found myself wanting some chicken salad. So I headed to the Royal Farms store, after all they had the best chicken

Flipping Soil

People ask me all the time, how did you manage to write an entire book? My answer is simply by flipping soil When I was

The Power of the Positive Mind

There is a saying that I like “Nothing positive was ever created from something negative.” The very nature of the positive mindset is to spread

Memorial Day Weekend

If your like me you started off of your Memorial Day Weekend with some good news. My weekend was started off with the easing of

Americana…. American Standard

Here’s a Quick Poem to get you through the day, especially with Memorial day coming this weekend. I wanted to share a Poem its called


Yak Shaving is a term invented by Joi Ito Let me explain the term as I understand it. It’s when you attempt to do something

We are Better

I was recently doing an introductory interview with a company. When I asked the owner, what is your company known for he said “We are

Get Cheaper Pens

Sometimes the easiest answers are right in front of us and we refuse to see it. One day we working out our office budget, like

Using Silence

I recently came across a salesman that talked and talked all the time. He didn’t understand what overselling was or how come so many sales

Who Are Your Five?

Do you surround yourself with positivity? I do, just the other day I went to a Quinn Conyers business workshop. I found myself part of

Why are we afraid to make money?

Just the other day, while standing in line at the counter of our local supply house. I found myself standing next to another plumber that

What’s Your Company Message

The Promises we make Tonight, I was expecting my children to come home at approximately 8 and I figured my wife would be home with

Does Your Culture Suck?

You hear people talking about the workplace culture, and in the same breath, you see an older people shake their collective heads. We are talking

How Coaching Can Be Like Therapy

I found myself in a coaching session earlier today. Just like every coaching session I talked about myself and my goals. I talked about my

Phone Skills , but how?

Before we can get to the basics of the phone. First, we must master our mannerism when answering the phone. We must train ourselves to