I recently came across a salesman that talked and talked all the time.

He didn’t understand what overselling was or how come so many sales fell through.

He couldn’t understand why people would get so irritated.

He would have them on the hook, and then they just wouldn’t buy.

I asked him if I could try and he said “Sure Rob, Let’s see what you got”

We went on a plumbing call for a leaking toilet

The seal was broken on the toilet and we could probably fix it but it would be very labor intensive.

I looked at the customer and said ” You should replace your toilet…”  and then I handed them a menu with five options.

That’s it and then silence to create a tension that would make the home owner make a decision.

He looked at me and said “when can you put it in.”

I said “Now…”

He said “Ill take the best toilet you have with the longest warranty.”

I said “Check or credit card.”

As the two of us walked out to the car I looked at the salesman who seemed blown away at the ease in which I closed this call. I smiled and  I told him an old Mafia saying “Even a fish would stay out of trouble if he knew when to keep his mouth shut.”

More on using dynamic silence later….