Poetry and business seem to be two different concepts, but what if they are the same?

What if there are universal truths about what makes great people great

What if the we could take the best swimmer in the world (Michael Phelps) and apply his particular skill set to our business. What if we could take his work ethic and apply it our business… Would it be great?

What if we could apply a football coach’s winning formulas to a Plumbing business could that help create greatness?

Hershey, Disney, Steve Martin (the Comedian), Elon Musk, Sara Blakely…. All these things have something in common…. You guessed it. Greatness

But you can’t be Disney… You can’t be Elon Musk…. You can’t be Blakely or Michael Phelps.

But you can Rhyme and you can make your company rhyme…. That means being resourceful enough to take the things that make those people great and applying your own spin to those ideas and then applying them to your business.

You have to understand that you can’t be them…because then you are knockoff

But you can be like them…. You can follow their lead while beating your own path to success. You can learn from their failures and their successes. You can stand on their shoulders and make those successes greater or just as good.

Have you ever heard a song that reminds you of a different song that came before it? It was probably inspired by that song and though they are not the same song the two songs sound similar and in a way… they Rhyme.

Who are the Masters of the Universe in your line of business? Can you make your business rhyme with theirs, and if you can why aren’t you?

Once you find yourself Rhyming you will start to build your own poem, and although it may seem like other businesses that came before them. They will always be uniquely different

So Rhyme like a Poet in your business and if you like poetry check out #PlumbingPoet from writer Rob Matheny its on Amazon now just click the link, and as always “That’s how a Service Ninja Does it.”