All the Pieces, of the Puzzle

All the Pieces, of the puzzle

It occurred to me that when you buy a Puzzle from a store it comes with all of the pieces in the box. So that 1000-puzzle piece picture of Abraham Lincoln comes with all 1000-pieces. That’s what a franchise does for a consumer. It is a 500 puzzle piece box and all you have to do as an owner is put all the pieces together. It’s a business in a box, just add water. Problems often arise when that business is forced to pivot. Since your team has never been challenged with the unknown and have had an unwavering recipe handed to them, they have never learned to be creative and problem solve. Because of that franchises often cap your growth, and only allow you to go so far. The crazy entrepreneurs buy a puzzle with no clear design. They don’t know number of pieces in the puzzle. They don’t know if the puzzle will be square, rectangular, or circle. They don’t know what the end puzzle will look like or will they ever be done building the puzzle. They don’t see the whole picture just a hodgepodge of parts and pieces. When you have no clear vision, it is easy to pivot, but uncertainty can lead your team to go elsewhere. People need to feel stability and not understanding where this is all going can lead to confusion, and insecurity. The smart entrepreneurs know what they want their puzzle to look like. They know if they want a square, circular, or even a 3D puzzle. They also know what they want that puzzle to look like when they are done. The problem is getting others in your team to see and buy into that vision. It is very hard to see a 1000-piece puzzle that has never been build before with out great communication, and a plethora of emotional hugs to your teams’ ego. It seems that each format has its problems.