Obsession and Passion Collide

The Perfect Bid Have you ever wondered what happens when Obsession and Passion collide?

Obsession: An Idea or thought that constantly invades your every thought and behavior Passion: A Strong and barely controllable emotion.

Have you ever wondered how Jeff Bezos pulled off creating the biggest company in the entire world….

Obsession and Passion

How did he go from selling used books on the internet in his rented garage to being the biggest online retailer in the WORLD!!!

Obsession and Passion

Everyday he woke up with the obsession of creating processes to automate his company that he was so passionate about. That Passion allowed him to innovate and make it better…. Make it faster…. Make it stronger…. His very being, depended on it.

Obsession and Passion

His Love, blood, sweat, and tears….

Obsession and Passion

A Little under 30 years old at this point and like my wife says… “Amazon runs the world. “

Obsession will allow you to accomplish a lot of things if you let it, and being passionate about what you are doing will allow you to enjoy the ride. I just recently watched a documentary about a man name Ted Slauson. Ted was a teacher and his entire childhood he was obsessed with the game show ‘The Price is Right.’ He became so obsessed that he pooled all the prizes that they gave away on the show and compiled a massive database of those prizes, and their corresponding prices. He then set to memorizing all of them. He loved the show so much that he even wrote his own video game with all the prices built into them.

And after 32 visits to The Price is Right, he helped a friend guess the price of the ending showcase to the exact dollar. No one could believe it… It had never happened before. How did some math teacher, memorize and entire random list of prizes, quickly do the math in his head, and yell out the answer to his friend on stage, without cheating? Or knowing ahead of time what the prizes would be?

You guessed it.

Obsession and Passion

Ted’s obsession with the show and the prices of the prizes, he was able to accomplish that thing that no one else had ever done in the entire 40-year history of the show. He guessed the price down to the dollar. The perfect bid on The Price is Right.

Imagine what you could accomplish if you were passionately, obsessed with your business. If you were willing to do whatever it took to succeed, to learn what you need to learn, and to do what you needed to do. Most of us get beat down over time, losing our passion and are obsessiveness to continue to push on… Its in those moments that you need to take a minute and reflect on your reasons for running your business in the first place.

What could you accomplish if you got that back?

Here is the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFUrCBXRH8o

It doesn’t matter what your passion is whether it is the Price is Right or if it is the biggest company in the entire world. Greatness comes to those that are passionate and obsessive.

And now you know… that’s how a Service Ninja Does it!!