Americana…. American Standard

Here’s a Quick Poem to get you through the day, especially with Memorial day coming this weekend.

I wanted to share a Poem its called ‘American Standard’ (American Standard has been making Heaters and AC equipment as well as all plumbing fixtures for as long as I can remember so here’s a poem about what their name means to me. ) everyone have a happy Memorial Day and you can find this Poem and many others in the upcoming book #PlumbingPoet  written by Robert Matheny and Illustrated by a wonderful artist Katy Wisner AKA “The Artist”

The American Flag
I hope this finds you all well this Memorial Day.

American standard 

What a great name

The passion it stirs

A great burning flame

It screams out its greatness

Like a man bearing his chest

Ripping open his shirt

After ripping open his vest

On the Chest of the man

Is and American Flag

Inked with great skill

Underneath his dog tag

Over the heart that he offered

In so many ways

And the piece of his soul that he gave

For so many days

As he sat in a fox hole

Next to his best friend

Not knowing, he would never

see him again

They make sinks and toilets

Furnaces and A.C.

With great pride and great craft

They do it for thee

With a name that reminds me

Of canons still smoking

And Rockets in the sky

And genius still stroking

The Stars and stripes

And flags that do stream

The Pride in my eyes

Sparkle in my dream

Its says we’re the best

We draw the line

You can be as good as us

Or be left behind

We are the crack of a bat

As the babe hits a homerun

We are apple pie after dinner

We are football for fun

We are country music and dancing

Bar Be Que and sweet tea

We are fireworks exploding

And old John Wayne movie

We are the star spangled banner

and People of all types

We are diversity and strength

We are the stars and stripes

We had some bad times

Some days we were a blight

We burned our candle at both ends

And we made it right

We are uncle Sam and Captain America

We are tougher than tough

Langston Hughes and Ali

We are rougher than rough

That’s what American Standard

Means to me

Strong and reliable

Of the Purest quality