Dream BIG! Your Vision Starts Here!

Are you a visionary?

Can I see your vision board?

Do you have a vision board?

I have had people laugh at me and say, “That is a waste of time…I don’t feel like it….”

Well my friend, the joke is on you.

Vision boards allow you to visualize your goals, and visualization is one of the most powerful things you can do! Olympic athletes visualize, business leaders visualize, successful people in all aspects of life visualize their success. If all these people are visualizing their goals and succeeding, then the premise seems logical to me.

Pick up some posterboard from your local store and get to work.  Print out pictures, cut up magazines, find some quotes that inspire you.  Make the dream as big as you want or as small as you want. What does success look like to you?  What does it feel like?  Hell, what does it smell and taste like? Be visceral, reach down deep and find your dreams.
This is my most recent vision board. I like to leave space in here to add more pictures later
This is my most recent vision board. I like to leave space in here to add more pictures later
There is only one golden rule here. Do not remove anything, only add to your dreams.  You should GLUE everything to the board, so it is permanent. If you are going to give up on your dreams, if you are going to turn away from your vision… You need to face that failure every day… You must hold yourself accountable for giving up.

This is the essence of vision and why it is not for everyone.  It takes a strong person to face themselves every day.  It takes an even stronger person to create a vision and aim to live a life less ordinary.  We only get so many trips around the Sun, why not chase our dreams.

Are you onboard yet?

If so then it is time to create your own vision board. Do it right now, do not put it off one more day. Look at it every day.  Hang it in a place where you are guaranteed to see it.  Maybe that is over your desk or above the stairs.  Maybe that is over your bed or even on your bedroom door.  After you look at it for a while, something amazing will start to happen…you will begin to hold yourself accountable for your own failure or success. Your dreams will begin to come true, then you can inspire others to reach for the stars as well, and that my friend is how a Service Ninja Does it.
This is me laughing hysterically
This is me laughing hysterically