Get Cheaper Pens

Sometimes the easiest answers are right in front of us and we refuse to see it.

One day we working out our office budget, like any good office should.

What we found is that no matter how we worked the budget or what we changed there were always shortfalls, and no matter what we did we were always over by a couple hundred dollars.

One of our managers looked at our budget and she came up with a brilliant strategy.

Get Cheaper Pens!!!  We never looked at getting cheaper pens because we never thought it was even an option that was open to us. We thought the costs to be so insignificant and static  that we never even bothered to look at the possibility of changing our pens.

By changing the Pens we got we were able to reduce the budget by several hundred dollars a year.

Take a look at what you buy… Specifically look at the things you find insignificant. Can you reduce your costs without reducing your quality?

If you can,

you should