Sometimes it is Hard to be Remarkable

Business is hard….. Life is hard….. Raising kids and maintaining a strong family life is hard…….

The lessons we learn are often learned at a hundred and fifty Miles per hour as we weave in and out of oncoming traffic.

We narrowly avoid danger in most cases, but inevitably disaster will strike and we will crash headlong into a tractor trailer.

Yes I said that there is no way to avoid the crash.
This guy walked away unhurt
This guy walked away unhurt
After the crash all you can do is pick up the pieces and start moving forward again.

Then you have to decide again.

Do you move with the grain? Do you move with traffic instead of against it?

Do you swim with the salmon?

Do salmon even have the right idea? Should you oppose the very nature of the river in an attempt to reach something greater than yourself?

In the end, the salmon pay with their lives. Was picking the more difficult path even worth it?

You have an easier path….

The path of everyone else, go to school, go to college, get a job, get a spouse, have babies, retire…..

Their is nothing wrong with this path, it is safe, it is warm.

The comfort it provides is like a warm blanket on  a chilly morning.

Then there is the path that you have chosen,  the path of the remarkable.

You have to beat a path through the jungle, maybe you go to college.

Maybe you are lucky enough to find someone who can support you while you chase your crazy dreams.

Maybe you are able to make the sacrifices that are needed to make it all worth it.

This is the path that goes upstream, against the wind, against the traffic until it happens again.


As you stand amidst the wreckage of your decisions it will be time to choose again.

The life of an entrepreneur is often filled with these crashes and it will happen to you. It will happen again and again.

After it does you will have to ask yourself a simple question.

Do I pick up and keep swimming upstream or do I follow the river out to the sea.

I hope you will be like Dory and just keep swimming
Dory sings Just Keep Swimming
Dory sings Just Keep Swimming
Keep Being Remarkable, and as always

That’s how a Service Ninja Does it.