The Power of the Positive Mind

There is a saying that I like “Nothing positive was ever created from something negative.”

The very nature of the positive mindset is to spread to everyone and everything around it.

Infecting everyone with happiness and smiles.

That is also true of the negative mindset, when you are negative and angry you suck the air out the room. You make the people around you miserable and by default you infect everyone you come in contact with.

You may be saying to yourself that is not true!!! Really if that is not true how does a video like Chewbacca Mom go viral. It’s just a woman laughing hysterically at a noise made by a Chewbacca mask. On the surface there is nothing  remarkable about her she didn’t cure cancer, she didn’t rescue kittens from trees, and she is not a superhero…. Just a woman who bought a mask for her kid, laughing and infecting everyone around her with happiness.

On the alternative, have you every been at a gathering where two people start arguing or fighting. I believe this is something that has happened to all of us. We sit there quiet feeling awkward and uncomfortable, maybe we feel borderline angry or sad. We were infected by the people around us with Negativity.

So are we just a slave to the infectious emotions around us?

Well here is the good news you get to choose. Choose wisely, Will you be a positive person that creates positive change in the world or a negative person that creates negative change in the world.

Hopefully you will choose to laugh more, love more, and live more.  Bring more positivity and joy to your business,  Bring more positivity to your customers, and lastly bring more positivity to yourself.

And as always That’s How a Service Ninja Does it.

Watch this video no way you get through it without laughing the fun starts at the 1 minute 55 second mark
Chewbacca Mom