We are Better

I was recently doing an introductory interview with a company.

When I asked the owner, what is your company known for he said “We are better than everyone else. We are the best in our area.”

I posed a counter question to him I started off by naming one of his competitors and said,  ” But they said they were the best and that they were better than you.”

He stared at me a good 15 seconds trying to process what I said and finally replied with “they are wrong.”

Being better is a matter of perspective, Being better is what everyone thinks they are as an owner and a company.

So what you are saying is that you are better, well I got news for you better is a useless term. All companies believe they are better. I have never seen a company that advertised that they sucked but that they are cheap.  (except for Sprint of course but that is an entirely different rabbit hole.)

When everything is supposedly better or high quality then nothing is better or high quality. Try saying you are the most honest and then live that, or that you are the fastest and then live that, but quit saying you’re better. Find something you do great and claim that and people who want that will find you.

So what does Better MEAN?????

I think the answer is simple…. It means nothing