Leadership Not Friendship a tale for the ages

Leadership, not Friendship, WOW that’s a powerful statement. This is kind of a touchy one, and I am going to say something that is going to make you cringe. Being a business owner is hard, and it’s lonely. Heavy is the head that wears the crown. The fact is there is no safety net for business owners, there is no exit strategy, and you succeed or go broke. Maybe one day, you will get it all back, but if you fail, you go broke, and the bigger you become, the bigger the consequences are for failure.

I ask Business ninjas all the time how many people are you responsible for, some answer none… WRONG!! Some name the number of employees they have….WRONG AGAIN!!! So how many people are you responsible for as an employer, well the typical household is typically 4 people, so if you take your employees, multiply them by 4. That’s how many people you are responsible for taking care of. That’s not even mentioning your own family. Me? I have three kids, a wife, and my Grandmother living with me. I also have three dogs, two cats, and an aquarium full of fish. I am responsible for all those people. So when I say you need to understand Leadership is not Friendship, you better take the time to understand what that means.